Can I pressure wash an asphalt shingle roof?

What type of washing is best for my roof?

Why does everyone use power washing?

Let’s get one thing straight, power washing and pressure washing are the same thing. Don’t be fooled when someone says something different. High-pressurized water is pushed or forced through a nozzle at the end of a wand via a powered motor unit. Why is it done? Because it is cheap and easy and DIY friend.  These units can be easily rented and run off gas or electric.

Most home improvement stores allow you to rent them anywhere from 500 to 4000+ PSI. At these intense pressures you are likely to damage your roof by blowing off some of the shingles or at least breaking them up. The tar paper shingles are not made to withstand gale force storms. That is basically what you are spraying onto your roof.

Should I use detergent?

Do you wash your cloths with a hose outside? Probably not if you are reading this article. But the point still remains. Generally, it is advisable to wash your cloths in a machine with some type of detergent. Your house’s exterior can be seen basically like the cloths of your home. They need to be taken care of in a way that actually cleans the surface and doesn’t leave mold behind. Soft washing uses a detergent to lift the stains from your home’s exterior. The detergent for soft washing is made up of only three main ingredients. First and foremost, bleach kills the mold, germs, bacteria, algae, and mildew that is growing in the cracks and crevices. Water dilutes the mixture so that it isn’t pure bleach. The third ingredient is a surfactant. These are the stain and dirt fighting chemicals that you use in your laundry detergent to fight stains. That is it. So, next time you need your home cleaned, get a professional to come and soft wash your roof.

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