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Expert Gutter Cleaning

If you have been searching for gutter cleaning or gutter washing near Tampa, then the professional team at Scotty’s Pressure Washing should be your first call! They have been successfully helping clients across Tampa with their gutter cleaning and gutter washing needs for years. 

When the gutters on your home or business become blocked or full of debris and leaves, it can lead to serious water damage to your home. Not only are blocked gutters a fire hazard during summer, in winter, but they can also cause your gutters to collapse under the weight of the water trapped in them. The last thing that you want is water flooding into your home or business because your gutters are blocked and haven’t been cleaned. 

If your gutter or downspouts are blocked, then don’t worry. The professional and experienced team at Scotty’s Pressure Washing can unclog your downspouts and gutters, leaving them clean and ready for the next rain.

The gutter cleaning and pressure washing procedure work as follows:

  • We start off by pretreating the roof, gutter, and downspouts to ensure that no damage is done during the low-pressure cleaning process
  • A first pass is taken of the gutters and downspouts to remove any larger marks or debris that’s covering the external area of the roof 
  • A coating of safe, yet effective chemical cleaners to remove mold, dirt, or grim from the inside and external areas of the guttering and downspouts 
  • The entire process is finished off with a low-pressure wash of the gutters and downspouts and surrounding areas, which leaves them looking great and completely cleaned and unblocked. 

If you would like a 100% free no-obligation quote on any gutter cleaning in the Tampa area, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Scotty’s Pressure Washing. You can quickly and easily contact us via phone on +1 813-696-2122, email on, or via Facebook Messenger. Scotty’s Pressure Washing has been proudly providing gutter cleaning services in the Tampa, Florida area for almost three years, and their testimonials and reviews speak for themselves.

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Our Amazing Reviews

"I needed our driveway, walkway and sidewalks pressure washed. Asked for a quote, received a great price very quickly and even same day service. Very professional and the result is the best I have had in years. I definitely recommend Scotty’s for any pressure washing needs!!!!"

- John S.

"Very professional! Highly recommend Scotty’s Pressure Washing! He was prompt and made our driveway look brand new. ?"

- Alicia M.

"He did my driveway, sidewalk, curbs and walkway to my house. I couldn’t be happier. I forgot what a great pressure washing can do to concrete. Did the job for the best price. Came out to my house for a free estimate and I hired him on the spot. Now I recommend him to everyone! Best job. Best price. Happy customer!"

- Sean F.

"Quick response to questions, great price, quick service and all around cool guy! Would 100% recommend him to anyone."

- Jess T.

"Scott was extremely efficient and meticulous. He took the time to make sure everything was perfect, in my driveway and sidewalk look great! And my driveway is a beast with the mess from the two oak trees. I would certainly recommend Scott to anybody!"

- Remy F.

"Scotty is professional and ontime, he went above and beyond. He didn't have too, but he did it any way, he cleaned the windows. That is top notch service and professionalism, we will be and are a repeat customer"

- Jason C.

"Scott made the outside of our home look brand new! Excellent work, great prices.. cannot say enough great things about this business!"

- Anthony I.

"In a world where customer service is hard to come by, it’s nice knowing Scott is on top of his game! Always quick to give a response; very professional and takes pride in his work. With the Florida elements, all of our houses need some love and Scott will provide exceptional work! Give him a call before the holidays so your house is ready for all the decorating and partying!"

- Paola G.

"They are the best at what they do! Customer serious is superior and so is the finished product. They are my "go to" recommendation to clients, friends and family."

- Marissa A.

Our Services

House Washing

Our team uses low-pressure washing equipment. Washing with low-pressure and utilizing effective cleaning materials is an effective way to clean old and dirty surfaces without any risk of damage.

Roof Cleaning

 We only use low pressure on your property. It doesn’t matter if you have a shingle or tile roof, our soft-washing low pressure process will protect your roof while leaving it looking fantastic. 

Pressure Washing

We use state-of-the-art equipment! This means that you’re getting high-quality results with no risk of damage to your property. We understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time.

Screen Enclosure Cleaning

We use low pressure to clean screen enclosures. It’s the low-pressure washing technique that ensures that none of your furnishings or screen material is damaged during the cleaning procedure. 

Vinyl Fence Cleaning

 If you have vinyl fencing that needs some love and attention, don’t hesitate to call us! We offer effective low pressure services that not only will clean, but protect your vinyl fence! 

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutter or downspouts are blocked, then don’t worry. Our experienced team can unclog your downspouts and gutters, leaving them clean and ready for the next rain!

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