Should I Pick Pressure Washing Or Soft Washing?

It is common to see your driveway getting dirty easily. There are plenty of stains that cannot get clean with the rain. Your exterior of the house has the job of protecting whatever is inside the house. You can easily take care of the things inside the house but when it comes to the exterior, it can be a little frustrating task. There can be a lot of stubborn stains that you cannot easily clean. This is where pressure washing comes in the picture; you can clean the chewing gum, mold, stains, mildew, or even fungus with pressure washing. Pressure washing utilizes the power of—well, pressure. The water is run through a pump that accelerates the pressure and you can easily wipe away the stains. However, pressure washing is not always the ideal choice of cleaning, the pressure of water is above 1500 PSI and that is enough to destroy concrete and wooden frameworks. This is why soft washing seems to be a viable choice, as it utilizes less pressure and lets the cleaning agents do the work. 

If you are thinking of cleaning the exterior of your house and you are not sure whether to pick pressure washing or soft washing then you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss some of the ways to clean the exterior of your house without doing damage. 

Can I Use Pressure Washer on the Wooden Walls? 

Most of the pressures washing companies use high-end machines that pump the water above 2000 PSI. It is certainly not ideal to use that much pressure for a delicate surface. If you are living in a shore town where houses are usually made out of a wooden framework then you better think twice before doing any pressure washing. The wood is not designed to withstand that much pressure and pressure washing can potentially damage your house, especially, if the house is old. The walls of a wooden house are not tightly packed as concrete walls, and if you are using pressure washing then the water is going to crawl through the tiny gaps and would damage the walls. This is why soft washing is great in this aspect; you can’t be using a brush to clean the walls so soft washing can clean the walls with low PSI and using the right detergents. Soft washing doesn’t have the same pressure as power washing; it uses the power of cleaning agents with a low amount of pressure. 

Pressure Washing On Windows: 

As it is stated above; pressure washing uses a very high number of PSI, and it can easily break your windows. The windows of your house serve an important purpose; they give you the light and cool breeze in the morning. If your walls are dirty from the outside then it is not going to give a pleasant look. Sometimes the dirt on the windows doesn’t let you see outside. You cannot use the pressure washing tools for cleaning your windows; the pressure is going to break the window. This is why soft washing is ideal for cleaning windows. The detergents are going to make your windows squeaky clean without damaging the windows. You should avoid using pressure washing for any other delicate things as well. You might be thinking about cleaning your vinyl siding with the pressure washer but it is not a good idea. Your vinyl siding is going to be in pieces if you use water with that much pressure. On the other hand, soft washing is going to make your vinyl siding clean without breaking them into pieces. 

Can I use Pressure Washing for the Roof?

Your roof is an integral part of your house’s structure. It shelters you and keeps the rain away. However, roofs are more likely to get dirty as compared to other parts of your house exterior. Sometimes the moss starts growing on top of your roof, and you might be itching for using the pressure washer to wipe it all away. It is not an intelligent way to handle that. The pressure washer can damage your roof. Water at high PSI is going to crawl inside the holes in your roof and it is going to drip from your roof. If the water is inside your roof then it is going to destroy the paint and everything that is below the roof. Soft washing, on the other hand, is going to be a much better choice for this matter. The cleaning agents that are used for the soft washing are going to destroy the moss, fungus, mold, mildew and even stains. 

Using the high-pressure washer for your roof is going to make your roof much weaker. Generally, roofs are made out of asphalt and it breaks away easily. You will end up doing irreversible damage. There is no doubt that you are going to get rid of the fungus or mold from your roof but it is not worth the risk of making your house structurally weaker. 


Pressure washing might seem like an ideal choice of cleaning the mold, fungus, and deep stains on your property but it is not always the ideal choice. Soft washing is a much better and safer choice of going about it. Soft washing is going to use water at less pressure and not going to damage your house. Especially when you are thinking of cleaning delicate surfaces with soft washing, it is never going to do any damage. There is no need to use that much pressure when way less pressure can do just as much of a good job with the help of a cleaning agent.

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