What Can be Pressure Washed?

Pressure washing is an effective cleaning method, and it’s definitely satisfying to see years of dirt and stains stripped away in seconds. With just a few quick passes of the high-powered spray, even the filthiest of surfaces end up looking brand new. Despite its visible success, it’s not always the best solution for cleaning. Before choosing how to clean your property, it’s important to know which surfaces are suitable for pressure washing to avoid any irreversible mistakes.

Because the spray of a pressure washing device is so powerful, not all materials are strong enough to remain intact under the high intensity. Many materials like roofing, certain woods, and home sidings are much too delicate, and would be greatly damaged if treated with a pressure washer. The force can loosen up shingles, splinter wood, and shatter windows easily. However, tougher materials like brick, pavement, or stone can have the durability to be pressure washed safely. Nevertheless, they should still be examined beforehand, as old mortar can be damaged and some natural stones are softer than others. Concrete driveways and patios are a common surface to treat, and will usually hold up well during the process. Some woods are safe for pressure washing, but others are better to skip– plus the finish of the wood can also be affected. Wood alternatives like composite decking should also be avoided. Stucco, painted surfaces, and certain home sidings could potentially be suitable, but it’s imperative to analyze the materials first to ensure that there’s no possible risk. 

All surfaces should be evaluated on a case by case basis, and a knowledgeable expert can help determine which of your outdoor spaces are safe for pressure washing. If you’re unsure whether a material can withstand the treatment, speak to a professional cleaning company to save yourself from any risk.

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